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SAFEFUNDS Item Verification Service

Item verification is a separate service available to Safefunds members. This service provides an additional layer of buyer and seller protection when the transaction is of high value and subject to imitation or fraudulent representation.

Typical items are designer goods, watches, jewelry, antiques, and collectibles.

Item verification service protects the seller from sending an item to the buyer with return allowed and having the buyer keep the original item and substitute a replacement or “knockoff” imitation in the return.

Item verification service protects the buyer from the seller sending a “knock off” or a misrepresentation and claiming the item returned is not the original item sent to the buyer.

Here is how the Safefunds Item Verification Service works:

1. The seller ships to SAFEFUNDS.

2. SAFEFUNDS verifies the item, creates a unique identification record for the item, and ships the item on to the buyer.

3. If the buyer is not satisfied and returns the item as a condition of the sale; or claims fraudulent representation and starts a dispute, the item is returned to SAFEFUNDS.

4. SAFEFUNDS verifies the item is the exact item originally sent. If the seller has allowed returns and the item is the exact one sent, it is returned to the seller and the money is released back to the buyer in the normal course of the transaction. If the item is not the one sent to the buyer, the item is returned to the buyer and the funds are released to the seller. If a dispute arises over the item's representation, Safefunds can verify the original item's authenticity.

What does it cost?

Safefunds Item Verification service is quoted for specific transactions because of the variety of items and the shipping costs involved. The minimum fee for the service is $75.

For more information drop us an email . Please describe the item, the value, and the shipping address. Be sure and include your Safefunds PUBLIC ID. A Safefunds representative will contact you by return email.


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