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Auction Services

We offer a special portfolio of services for operators of high value auctions, both traditional on-site and web based. By using Safefunds, the auction expands the pool of bidders, simplifies the payment process, and eliminates any payment issues. A dedicated support team member guarantees every sale goes smoothly.

Hereís how it works:

  1. We provide a special page for members to register as bidders for the auction sale. The page contains your terms and conditions, deposit instructions, and instructions on how to use Safefunds to buy at your auction.
  2. We provide the auction the ability to upload the catalog of items to Safefunds to reduce settlement time.
  3. We advise the auction of the registered bidders and funds available before the bidding starts.
Sale Time:
  1. Safefunds bidders are pre-funded. There is no need for deposit checks, guarantee letters, or any other qualification.
  2. After a successful sale, the auction uses the pre-loaded catalog to generate a transaction to the bidder. The bidder commits funds.
  3. Any needed paper work and delivery arrangements are completed.
  4. The bidder checks out by clicking release the funds. The funds are instantly transferred to the auction account.
Post Sale:
  1. The auction house withdraws the funds from its Safefunds account to its own commercial account anywhere in the world electronically.
  2. Bidders with funds remaining in their Safefunds accounts withdraw their funds to their own bank accounts as desired.

Our system works perfectly with on-site buyers, telephone buyers, or web buyers.

What does it cost?

The price depends on your transaction volume and catalog item value. The money is in your account before the merchandise leaves the site. There are no credit card charge backs, no cashier check refusals, no payment problems of any kind. When the deal is done, itís done. Low processing cost, faster settlement, bigger buyer pool, no charge backs - the Safefunds solution is the best solution. Contact us today for more information by email or call us at 1-888-565-4187 (outside U.S. call +1-317-819-1026) from 8AM to 4:45PM (US Eastern time), Monday through Friday.


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