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Safefunds Paymaster Service

Safefunds provides global, confidential, commercial service for all types of special financial transactions including automatic payment distribution to multiple parties, trigger point transactions, and complex funds management.

Safefunds paymaster service is a separate offering and additional documentation is required for members using this product. There is no maximum amount nor minimum amount for pay master services. The exact fee depends on the services required. Typical fees range from one quarter percent (.25%) for large transactions to one per cent (1.00%) on small amounts. Safefunds paymaster service is perfect when a group of separate entities need a neutral party to receive the proceeds and fairly distribute the funds to the participants.

Safefunds offers reliable safe management of funds receipt and distribution for domestic and global agreements for Fuel, Metals, Foodstuffs, Royalty Payments and other complex transactions.

Safefunds also handles the need of accumulating and managing deposits for multiple payers until a specific event authorizes the funds to be distributed. An example is an investment offering with a minimum capital requirement.

Because we can custom tailor our service to meet the unique requirements of each transaction, please contact us for more information and a custom quotation to meet your unique needs.

Serving members in the U.S.A.and 124 countries world wide with complete transaction protection and secure payment services.