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Of course Safefunds is the best way to buy or sell cars, boats, equipment, or any valuable item, but did you know Safefunds is the leading transaction manager for all types of specialty agricultural and material markets?

No one does more than Safefunds to protect new industries. Whether you grow, refine, market, or retail products for the new age; we provide the security you need.

If you are serious about buying and selling in new product markets; talk to Safefunds. Get what you pay for! Get paid for what you sell! Multi-party deals, buyer-seller deals, broker deals; we handle them all.

The wild west is a fine idea in a movie; in business, the structure and protection of Safefunds is a better idea. Compare Our Service. Better protection, Escrow Service Worldwide escrow on line for all business activity Worldwide Online escrow

Safefunds' home is the bucolic Village of Zionsville, Indiana, founded in 1852. Zionsville is located on the far Northwest corner of greater Indianapolis in Boone County, Indiana (yes, that Boone), and with its brick streets, many restaurants, galleries, and great shops, is a popular location with residents and visitors alike. After 19 years in a traditional office setting, we settled into the rural life in July, 2018 and we are enjoying serving our clients around the world from our new location in the country.

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Online Escrow is the most secure way to do any kind of business, anywhere. Buy, sell, or trade across the state, across the country, or across the world and never worry about payment or delivery.

Every transaction, at any price, is fully protected. From a single item to complex multi-party agreements, Safefunds works for both individuals and businesses.

Use Safefunds and never worry about losing money on the web. It's just that simple!
Serving members in the U.S.A.and 124 countries world wide with complete transaction protection and secure payment services.   
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