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Whatever the deal, wherever the deal, whatever the size; from simple to complex, Safefunds is the premier way to make sure the deal is managed accurately, securely, and confidentially.

Whether it's a single sale or multiple tranches; a buyer-seller or complex multi-party deal, Safefunds will handle it.

Sellers are protected because funds are guaranteed. Buyers are protected because the deal conditions are met before the money is paid. Our complete transaction management beats simple internet escrow service everytime.

We receive and pay in all major currencies via EFT, Fed Wire, and SWIFT wire.

Special conditions and services? Just ask!

Across the U.S. or across the world, Safefunds is the solution for high value transaction management. When the need is for confidential assistance, with real people to respond when you need them, only Safefunds will do.

For 25 years, Safefunds leads the way in securing business around the globe.

Escrow? Safety? Always Better protection, Escrow Service Worldwide for you Worldwide Online escrow business protection for everyone to enjoy  .

Safefunds members enjoy protection around the world. The proprietary Safefunds system solution far more complete than just online escrow.

From Dublin to Detroit, from London to Los Angeles, we keep you safe as a buyer or a seller. Whether its a personal item or a business transaction, Safefunds is fast, accurate, and flexible; with personal support based in Indianapolis, IN, USA only a phone call away.

We receive and send SWIFT wires internationally. U.S.A. members send and receive funds by FedWires, ACH direct deposits, or Checks. There is no third-party payment service holding funds for days.

We enable you to move quickly, deal quickly, and get paid quickly.

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More safety than internet escrow service
Safefunds.com is the most secure way to do any kind of business, anywhere. More protection than simple escrow online solutions, we provide a complete solution. Buy or sell across the state, across the country, or across the world and never worry about payment or delivery.

Every transaction, at any price, is fully protected. From a single item to complex multi-party agreements, Safefunds works for both individuals and businesses. Compare our total system with online escrow.

Use Safefunds and never worry about losing money on the web. It's just that simple!
Better than escrow online for 25 years
Serving members in the U.S.A.and 124 countries world wide with complete transaction protection and secure payment services.   
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