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Safefunds is Your Best Protection

Don't wonder where your personal information is when doing a sale or purchase on the web. Safefunds does NOT put your information "in the cloud". We do not use cloud service from Amazon®, Microsoft®, Yahoo® or anyone else. We control the access to the data we store.

We are a U.S. company. We have no foreign owners and we maintain all member information on our secure internal systems located in the United States.

All security is not the same. If 500 million accounts can be breached at Yahoo® and it take two years to become known; what can happen to your confidential information on another web site that contracts storage from a cloud service?

As you consider which web transaction service to use; ask about your data. Where will be; who can get to it; who controls the data center where your information lives?

Among the leaders in high value web transactions, only Safefunds uses a proprietary system with non-standard computer protocol making it more secure.


Serving members in the U.S.A.and 122 countries world wide with complete transaction protection and secure payment services.